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Purchase New Home Louisville. Home equity is the current market value, minus any liens, such as a mortgage. A cash out refinance allows clients to tap into that equity and turn it into cash. Cash-out refinances can have many benefits, including consolidating debt. If a borrower has a lot of high interest debt, they can use a cash out refinance to pay it off. Now, instead of paying a high interest rate on their past debt, they pay a much lower rate with a residential mortgage. This can save a great deal of money in the long run. A cash out refinance can also be used for other expenses. Instead of using a credit card that has a high interest rate, borrowers can use a cash out refinance for home repairs or renovations, like building a swimming pool, updating the kitchen, or putting a fence around their backyard. The options of what you can do with the cash from a cash out refinance loan are endless.

First-time home buyers, second home buyers, or even investment home buyers, we can provide assistance and help make the purchase process easier for you. At Mortgage Warehouse, we offer free pre-approvals, several loan programs, and a process that does not involve third party sponsors and approvals. When you come to Mortgage Warehouse, you start and finish the loan process here.

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  • VIP Treatment – Your purchase loan will be our top priority. We work to eliminate delays and make sure your schedule is not disrupted!
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We offer programs with little down payment options, as well as refinancing options when the time is right. We also, process, underwrite, and fund your loan right here at Mortgage Warehouse. With offices in Fort Myers and Louisville, we have worked in your area for years, and have great relationships with the top local Realtors. We can help you from pre-approvals to move-in day…and fast!

We offer a variety of loan programs to help find the best fit for you.

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